Who We Are!

Who We Are!We are different from each other,
it makes us who we are,
so have you ever wondered,
what traits that make us powerful,
or even timid,
we each have different traits,
but somehow we are all alike,
like a puzzle being solved,
some pieces seem impossible to put together,
but some are alike,
or related through family,
we all have traits,
that make us who we are,
or even timid,
we are those things,
just listen to your mind,
your heart,
they are also things,
what makes us who we are!

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Hello World!

the-top-of-the-mountainI was on a rocky trail,
as I climbed through the hills,
until a glorious sight shown,
as I peered through the foggy night,
I watched the sky as it turned a baby blue,
fore I new I saw it,
it was calling my name,
away from work,
away from rushing,
as I took a deep breath,
I hurried to my feet,
and ran away from everyone,
who ever called my name,
the sight keep appearing,
as I ran to it,
arms across,
like an airplane,
legs running for safety,
and as soon as I touch the rich fertile soil,
I realized that this was the time to escape,
I had no time to wait,
or every wait for a sec,
good bye to the town where I felt locked in,
good by to the sad times,
and forget the bad times,
look on the bright side,
I thought as I got to the top of the cliff,
the grass so green,
the sun shining through,
I loved this new life,
as I spreed my arms out,
I smiled,
turned around and said,
hello world!

I got this image from http://hearttoheartgcac.com/home/2015/2/2/the-mountain-and-the-man.html

Summer Days Don’t Last Forever!

sun-26ltmn0-186x300I was siting in my room,

dressed in blue,

staring outside at gray clouds,

and the wind as it blew through the sky,

then I closed my eyes,

and out of the blue,

the gray clouds had just gone away,

Taking in the view I ran straight outside,

to the pretty white clouds and the sun,

so I swam with my friends in the bright blue pool,

and also played tag on the bright green grass,

so I longed for this cool day to go on,

so I took a deep breath,

and thought for a sec,

and I finally knew what to do,

summer days don’t last forever,

you may have heard before,

but when you have a camp out,

you can even roast s’mores,

so when that day was over,

I tried not to cry as I closed the back door,

so I stared out my window,

looking at the grey clouds,

and I thought to myself,

summer days don’t last forever.

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My Monster!

Rocketech-12-Youth-FPDanceMy monster is active inside me when I play softball and perform in dance recitals.  There are millions of thoughts that go through my mind whenever I step out on the field, or step out onto stage.  I will mention these thoughts in this post.  So in this blog post, I will be sharing my monster inside me based off of the song The Monster by Eminem.

The monster inside me is most active when I am playing softball.  I hear all of these little voices in my head which holds me back from believing in myself.  The voices inside my head tells me that I will strike out, or I will miss a line drive in fount of me.  Most of the time I ignore the voices and other times I have a harder time knowing that I can do things like playing second base.

I also think that Rihanna believes that she goes along with the voices in her head when she sings “Get along with the voices inside of my head.”  I can relate to this last softball season when I was up to bat.  I was up against probably the best pitcher in our league.  I remember thinking that I was going to strike out.  The words create the butterflies in my stomach to start flying all different directions.  Sure enough the words got the best of me and I went along with the voices.  The voices still telling me that I was going to strike out.  I did.

I also remember a time where I ignored my voices inside of me.  Like when I was practicing for the spring dance recital and I couldn’t get this one dance move right.  I also remember that it was the last practice and that the voices inside my head were telling me that I would fail.  Which really hurt me inside.  So that day of the recital, I gave it my all, ignored the voices inside me, and I had done the moves smoothly and gracefully.  I had finally tackled the hard dance moves!

In this blog post, I have been sharing the monster inside of me, and how I can relate to that by also sharing some important events in my life.  Some examples are is the time where I had struck out at the softball game, and the time I had done the dance moves perfectly at the dance recital.  Both of these events are things where either I had listened to my monster voices inside me, and times where I had ignored them.  Do you have a monster inside you?

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Cupcakes!Happiness brings me joy

like baking cupcakes and pies

the loud clinking of utensils

makes me shiver inside

measuring, pouring, and mixing them all together

just makes me feel alive

the noisy timer goes off

which makes me jump

making my heart thump

I take a deep breath

and let it go

scurrying to the oven

and as I smell the yumminess

my stomach grumbles

and I take a bit

and reveal the happiness inside me!

I got this image from http://www.glorioustreats.com/2011/08/american-buttercream-frosting-recipe.html

My Strengths And Weaknesses!

Follow your dreams!In life I have some strengths and weaknesses that shape who I am today.  One of my greatest strengths that I want to be able to do in my life is become an interior designer.  One of my weaknesses is gymnastics.  In this blog post, I will be talking about my strengths, and my weaknesses, and how I am going to incorporate my strength in my lifetime!

For a long time in my life I have always wanted to become an interior designer.  An interior designer is someone who decorates the inside of different peoples homes.  I will always watch things like HDTV which is a television channel that have people who are experts at designing homes for different people who are on the show.  My favorite show is Fixer Upper, which has a lot of french country style to their homes they design for people.  The french country style is defiantly something I would decorate not only my own house, but also other people who like the design who would want my advice for designing their home.

Just recently, I had just got my room redone for my 11th birthday.  It was so much fun since I got to chose a new comforter, and other pretty decor for my bedroom.  So not only then, but for awhile I have always wanted to become an interior designer.  It makes me feel joyful inside when I think about the future!  I have also always thought that it would be cool to have my own store around 25 years old, where people could come to get my advice for fabrics, cabinets, or even vanity’s for their homes.

One of my weaknesses would be gymnastics.  Through life I have always loved gymnastics, like watching the Olympics and watching Gabby Douglass do front and back handsprings.  However, I am not the best at it.  Even though I can do a front walkover and a cartwheel,  I can’t do more advanced things like a back bend, which requires a lot of back flexibility.  So even though it is hard to do more advance things, it makes me hopeful to think that sometime in my life, like around 15, I will have accomplished the skills.  So this summer, I am going to work my hardest and try if I can reach one of my goals in life which is to be able to do a front handspring, and a back bend.

In life I have my weaknesses, and my strengths.  My dream in life is to become an interior designer around 25 years old, and open my own store.  It has been fun designing my room and I had thought that if I had fun designing my own room, then I would have fun designing someone else’s rooms in their house.  Those are all things why I would want to become an interior designer.  So, even though my weakness is gymnastics, I still believe that if I try my hardest this summer, and put in lots of hours, then maybe may dream of doing a front handspring, and back bend will come true.  Who knows, maybe when I get older my dream of becoming an interior designer will come true too!

I got this image from http://somethingturquoise.com/2014/09/01/its-never-to-late-to-follow-your-dreams/

How To Make The World More Awesome!

Knowing-Yourself-Quote (1)In Language Arts class, we had just recently watched a Kid President video.  In the video, Kid President had talked about how you could make the world more awesome.  Which, there are so many ways that you can.  In this blog post, I will be sharing some ways that I think could make the world more awesome!

One way I think that you could make the world more awesome is just being yourself!  You could be kind to someone by simply saying “Hello” and “Thanks” to someone to make someone in the world feel good.  It could be as simply as just asking someone to be your friend.  This will make not just your friend, but also you feel good about yourself!

Another way to make the world more awesome is to help out others who need it.  You could help someone with their homework, or volunteer at the animal shelter.  You could also babysit, or even start recycling.  Recycling will help our world be a cleaner place, and not take up so much room in a landfill.

In Language Arts class we had watched a kid president video that talked about making the world more awesome.  I had shared that being yourself can make the world a better place, while being kind to people, and helping out our environment.  So to make the world more awesome, simply just be yourself!

I got this image from http://www.relatably.com/q/getting-to-know-yourself-quotes


ballet-pointe-shoes-straight-to-the-pointe-21754683Something that I enjoy doing is going to dance class at the YMCA.  Each Monday I will go there from 6:00 to 9:00.  There are 3 classes that I take.  The first class is ballet, then jazz, tap, and strength training.  Each class except for strength training we will perform a routine for the recital in either Winter, or Spring.  In this blog post I will be sharing the 4 major classes that we do in dance!

The first class that we take would be ballet.  In ballet we will go up on Point.  Just like the picture above.  Then we will work on our spring recital dance, which the music is “Colors Of The Wind.”  That involves lots of scarves!

The next class that I go to is jazz.  In jazz class we normally do leaps, and turns.  Then we will work on our kicks, and sashay’s.  This year for the spring recital we are dancing to a song from the lion king!  It is very fast, which makes it fun!

The third class that I take is tap.  We always work on our recital dance and the song is called “Step In Time” from Mary Poppins!  This song is also very fast, but it is one of my favorite dances!  Then, we will always work on our tap turns, and periwinkles which are also very fast!

The last class that I go to on Mondays is called strength training.  In strength training, we will always warm up with doing yoga.  Then we will stretch our legs for the splits which I can almost do!  We will also work on our back flexibility by doing bridges, and going back into a backbend.

Dance class is one of my favorite things to do.  The three classes that I take are ballet, jazz, tap, and strength training each Monday night for three hours.  I am also happy that I get to see my friends that take dance like Ellie and Brooke.  In conclusion, dance class is one of my favorite things to do!

I got this image from http://www.balletdancersguide.com/ballet-pointe-shoes-straight-to-the-pointe.html

How Much Time Do You Spend Online?

tb2_34a70767-2b91-4d33-8631-212c97f86cf3_largeHow Much Time Do You Spend Online? is the topic for this blog post.  In this blog post I will be answering some questions about the amount of time that you spend online!

The first question is Why Should Teenagers Time Online Be Limited?  I think teenagers should be timed because people that are eighteen to twenty years old, which is thirty-six percent of them spend time online.  Computers and other electronics release a blue light which can be bad for your eyes if you spend too much time online.

The next question is How Much Time Do You Spend Online?  I spend about an hour on the internet when I come home from school daily.  It gives me the opportunity to finish up school work such as a blog post for the day.

The third question is What Effect Does This Have On You?  Since I am not on the internet very long, it doesn’t really have an effect on me.  Sometimes I will play some games, but I will not normally be on there long.

The last question is If I Was A Parent Describe The Rules That I would Have For My Child About How Long That They Should Go Online?  The rules that I would have for my child is that I would limit them to a hour and a half online.

The blog topic was How Much Time Do You Spend Online? and I had answered all of the questions where you got to hear my opinion.  In conclusion, a question for you is “how much time do you spend online?”

I got this image from http://topcase.co/collections/macbook-retina-hard-case-a1534

My Dr.Seuss life lesson!

Photo-Mar-24-6-00-07-PMThe life lesson that I chose by Dr.Seuss was “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  In this blog post, I will be sharing how I can relate to that life lesson by Dr.Seuss.  I will also be sharing it in the style of Dr.Seuss!

I chose this life lesson, because I could relate.  It made me think of softball, and that was really great.  I remembered the time where we had a great season, and we had almost one, the finale tournament!  We had all worked hard, and came so close.  We had tried our best, and that made us feel good.  But when we did not make it, it had made us sad.  But even though we didn’t win, we still smiled, because we had tried our hardest, and that’s all that mattered!

I had chose the life lesson “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” by Dr.Seuss.  I had also wrote about my softball season, and how even though we had not one the tournament, we were still happy because we had tried our hardest!  I had also wrote in the style of Dr.Seuss.  In conclusion, that is the life lesson that I had chose by Dr.Seuss!

I got this information from http://my-quotes.net/dont-cry-quote/